Fall traditions

Every year during October,Rae
my husband and I make the short trek over to the east side of the state to visit family. October is when many local apples are in season. We have found a small farm, Barrett Orchards, which sells organic, locally harvested Cameo apples in late October as well as pumpkins (pictured to the right. Each year, we purchase a large box for ourselves and bring home another for my parents. While there are apples all over the area this time of year, I am particularly drawnapple to this specific variety at Barrett Orchards. I love how the Cameo apples have the perfect sweetness, similar to that of a Gala or Fuji. They have a beautiful medium red color and most of fairly large in size. This box of apples is enough to last us for weeks, when refrigerated. While I certainly enjoy baking delicious desserts and breakfast items with the fresh apples, my favorite way to enjoy these apples is straight from the box. These apples are worth the trek every year.

Aside from the apples, Sunanother reason why my husband and I love visiting his hometown in Eastern Washington during the Fall is because of the perfect temperatures, slightly crisp in the morning but almost warm from the sunshine during the afternoon hours, and the unrelenting beauty of the trees, orchards and hills.

Each year, we make avalley point to go hiking in the canyon or explore a new trail. This year, we took a 2-3 mile walk in the late afternoon with views of the nearby farmland, dotted with cows, horses and crops. During our hike, it was hard not to feel at peace and completely and utterly relaxed, alone
on the trail in the beauty of the late October light. Branch

When all was said and done, I returned to my city life feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and in possession of the perfect box of apples. I love this time of year, and the genuine joy it brings to my life.

2 thoughts on “Fall traditions

  1. And of course to visit us, your in laws! Who would love to convince you that life is better over here in part for what you so beautifully stated.


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