Let’s eat.

It’s Day 1. Day 1 of this awkward but necessary get to know you phase. You have no idea who I am and I know nothing about any of you, or if there will even be anyone out there to get to know. I am not sure if anyone out there wants to hear what I have to say or follow along. Day 1 is always the hardest. Day 1 of a new job, city, or relationship. There are so many unknowns one must move past. So let’s move forward past this awkwardness and get to know one another.Blog (3) 5.4.15

My name is Leslie. I have a full-time job that keeps me pretty busy most days. But outside of my work, I am passionate about my family…my doodle…food…and cooking for others. I grew up in an Italian-American household, learning how to work with my hands and create meals from scratch from an early age. I have vivid memories of rolling out pasta dough with my grandmother and cutting long strands of noodles in the pasta machine, destined to be incorporated into a large pot of pesto minestrone. While it is experiences and memories like this which have shaped my life as an adult, my preferences have shifted as I’ve transcended through various stages of my life. I’ve experimented with being a vegetarian, no dairy, eating gluten-free, paleo – you name it. What has remained the same, is my deep passion for preparing food for my family and friends. I love recreating family recipes and adapting new recipes I The Spice Market (8)come across daily. I often straddle the line between wanting to preserve traditional recipes, and recreating recipes to reflect my current lifestyle and passion to eat whole foods and experiment with new grains, flavors, and spices; two of which happen to be cardamon and rye. I love to focus on utilizing whole foods that are organic and local. While I do not eat a lot of meat, I believe in balance and therefore will not call myself a vegetarian, though I’ve ventured down that pathBlog (2) 5.4.15 before. My hope is that you’ll continue to gain a more complete picture of the type of food I enjoy through the pictures and recipes I share.

I look forward to beginning this journey with you in hopes of sharing my love for food with others and documenting the recipes that make an impression on my life.

For now, L.

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